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Creative Partnerships Work!

Designers are natural born and educated problem solvers. As one who has a love for veterans and a talent for the creative I have been on a mission to create a partnership between the two...a sort of fusion of the two sides of my brain. Over the 2020 Holiday Season, we were able to create Operation Waverly as a partnership with the White Christmas Movie Collection Exhibit! This was exciting because the entire premises of the movie is to pay honor to General Waverly for his sacrifice and service during WWII. We were able to implement this new project with the Upcountry History Museum in Greenville, SC to help benefit The Fellow Countrymen, a homeless veteran reintegration program. To date, we have collected hundreds of needed items for the veterans in the program. Creative partnerships do work! Don't be afraid to step way outside the box...for that's where dreams come true!


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