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  • Heather French Henry

Compassionate Warriors

I was completed elated to be able to write a unique article for the May Issue for Tops Louisville Magazine! The article focused on four women veterans who are also moms! This was a great Mother's Day behind the scenes look at four unique stories from these amazing women who sacrificed and served our country. I was able to interview Marj Graves, a nurse in Vietnam who utilized her experiences to provide healthcare for her two daughters. Then there was LuWanda Knuckles-Johnson, who s still serving and will retire after 20 years n the military. She did 2 deployments overseas! We also talked wth Morgan Hancock who became a mom at an early age but still chose to serve out of a lover for her country and the events of 9/11. Then rounding it out wth my dear friend, Lindsay Gargotto who is the Director of Military Affairs at Bellarmine University and e3stabliche3d the first women veterans organization in Kentucky! All four of the women are dynamic but totally different. This was an experience of a lifetime to help showcase their individual stories and highlight our women veterans!

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