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When I think about growing up in the small river town of Augusta, KY and moving to the "big" city of Maysville...I get a bit nostalgic.   I grew up in a town that my great grandfather established in 1796...the same river banks he fished is where I caught my first fish!  It must have been his adventurous spirit that paved the way for me to adventure into new territories and travel into the world of the unknown. 


As a small child I dreamt of many things...including becoming Miss America.  It never dawned on me that it would even be an impossibility!  I grew up in a faith driven family, although encumbered with issues that would ultimately shape my professional life today.

I always knew I would end up as a designer but not qiute sure I would become a national advocate for veterans issues, as well.  God placed a dream, or several dreams, inside my heart.  Although, I have taken many twists and turns along my path...I have always been bold enough to STEP INTO A NEW DAY!


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...step into a new day!