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All My Love, Heather

A Blog About Life According to Heather...

Welcome To My Blog Space!

Hey, everyone! I'd like to welcome you to my new blog..."All My Love, Heather." This site is devoted to my work, advocacy, designs and artwork. I've revamped things to be a bit more "me" and less corporate. So, let's get started!

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing where this next journey leads!


All My Love,


Heather French Henry

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All My Love, Heather

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Blog Posts...
Words of Inspiration...
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Honoring Our Past...

It was a delight to hear that the Augusta Distillery was going to create a new line of Bourbon called Buckners!  Capt. Phillip Buckner was my Great Grandfather and founded Augusta in 1796.  What a great way to help showcase our history!  I was elated to sign a few bottles for tourists who came thru the area! The next time you're looking for a great trip...think Augusta, KY! Not only do we have great bourbon but we the Rosemary Clooney Museum and nestled right on the beautiful Ohio River!

All My Love,


Top Three List...

We Will Sing Again...

It's hard to remember a time when we could be together, laugh out loud...without masks, without socially distancing.  I've found myself growing more and more eager to get passed this COVID hump.  Each day I wake thinking of new projects but have to quickly recalculate how to proceed given our current can be depressing.  Then I remember the work I did for KY WWI Exhibit and learning about the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic.  I remember it, not just for the devastation, but also the hope that "this too shall pass."  On the lonely, uncertain days...I just keep telling myself...We Will Sing Again!  Just as we progressed and made it through those tough times...I truly believe we will come out of this stronger.

All My Love,



You Can Begin Again...

It's an exciting adventure when starting a new project.  The canvas is blank and there seems to be lot's of room to wiggle.  When I began my journey back into the world of art after a long dry period in the world of seemed like I just stared at the blank watercolor paper for an eternity.  However, slowly but surely the paper started to reveal possabilities.  I placed my brush in the water, dipped it into some soft blush color and placed it on the page.  In order to move forward...we simply have to place the brush on the page to create the first stroke of genius. The rest will follow.

All My Love,


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Timing Is Everything...

In the middle of the creative process, there is a flux of brilliance that can render us quite breathless.  At times I feel like I have a thousand great ideas and moments of inspiration that all compete for my singular attention.  I spend a great deal of time writing them down in lists or randomly on a page in my notebook.  Theses moments can be fleeting so I want to make sure to capture them as them become available.  Certainly there will be some that never come to fruition but some may and just need the right timing.​ Just as I never throw away a piece of artwork or a simple just never know what may strike your eye or be beneficial in the future...some great works of genius just need the right moment!

All My Love,



Remembering Rosemary...

Most people may not know that Rosemary Clooney and I are from the same areas of Maysville and Augusta, KY. As I grew up, I learned about her career and impact on our great Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Little did I know how much her friendship would impact my life.  Rosemary Clooney was literally the second phone I received after winning the title of Miss America.  She offered me incredible advice as I entered into public life and often dedicated the song "Sweet Kentucky Ham" to me when I was able to see her perform in New York.  Little did I know that a few years later we would purchase her home and create a museum to honor her life and career.  Today, nearly 16 years later, we curate such exhibits as the White Christmas Collection, costumes from Here Come The Girls and more! For more information, visit .  It's never too late to honor those who have impacted our may not create a museum but you can always find a way to "Thanks."

All My Love,


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Traveling exhibit at the Upcountry Museum in Greenville, SC.

Wonderful Words...


Start each day wth positive affirmations over yourself and your family! Speak vistory every day!


Take a break! No, looking at your social media is not taking a break!  Go for a walk, get outside, or exercise!


Forgive yourself for past mistakes.  DO NOT let the past define who you are TODAY!

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Heather's Hot List

Here are some of my favorite products I use when painting. I love Windsor Newton Watercolours.  While a bit pricier...the pigments are so rich! I literally have tubes that are 20 years old and still produce paint.  A little bit of watercolour goes a long way! I was terrified when first takes patience. As Bob Ross once said, “We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” 

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